About Us

HP2 Products and Promotions is now your go to supplier of awards and glassware. Alongside all the other items you are already familiar with, HP2 can also help you with all your employee and customer award needs, as well as the glasses for the toast. Please reach out to us with any questions.


Deep Etch Sand Blast

Deep Etch Sand Blast

This is our bread and butter. Our proprietary sand blasting technique allows us to aggressively etch crystal, glass, and stone. We chose to use a heavier grit which results in a deeper etch, unmatched sparkle, and a much happier customer!



This process expands upon our deep etch. Once the product has gone through the sand blasting process, the etching is permanetnly filled in pigment. We have 20 available colors including gold, silver, and bronze metallics.

Digital Print

Digital Printing

When you need a wide spectrum of color, you can't beat a quality digital print. Our flatbed ultraviolet inkjet printer can print full-color images on any surface; including water, although we haven't found a great use for this yet! This imprint technique is ideal for photos and colorful, vibrant artwork.

Laser Etch

Laser Engraving & Cutting

Our lasers can engrave digital artwork with pinpoint accuracy on pretty much any surface. This is the ideal method for impriting complex designs on plastics, woods, and various metals. The laser is also great at making intricate cuts on certain materials - see our Brand Shapes page for more infomration!